Rosto – Linden

We were honoured to be approached by this pioneering new restaurant brand. Developed by Lance Littelfield, a South African with Italian roots, this little roastery brings you Italian food with a spin (mind the pun). Chicken marinated in delectable sauces developed by Lance himself, and spit-roasted to perfection – how could we resist being involved in creating the perfect urban Italian street food vibe in this corner of Linden?

In this space, we put together all of the wood elements from salvaged Oregon Pine, beautifully filled and finished for a smooth but rustic look. The rustic cladded coffee bar is one of the focal points, holding the bright yellow fiat bonnet. The working lights of this vintage bonnet seem to wink at you to come closer for a cuppa. The yellow of the fiat is found splashed around the restaurant in the form of walls, chairs and hairpin table legs. This colour is no accident, as the powder coating to match the logo and fiat were hunted down so that all the steel elements could tie the space together.

Lance had collected and brought over authentic Italian jars and light fittings to attach to the plumbing pipe rails we installed. A warm glow lights up each table and the glass counter holding all kinds of mouth-watering goodies.

From custom branded café tables to plumbing pipe glass racks and light fittings, the finishes on this project are casually intentional. When you walk into the restaurant, you get the feeling of Italian “street” meets South African “style” and delicious food to devour at lovely wooden tables. We fitted industrial shelving using plumbing pipe and carried through the minimalist industrial style in counter tops and custom benches.

The attention to detail carries from the actual space to the food, and neither leaves you disappointed.

Keep up to date with Rosto’s menu and happenings on their facebook page or website, or better yet, pop into their restaurant for deliciously roasted goodness.